TBO 2.0

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Yesterday I was talking with my brother about inkscape, comics drawing and TBO status and functionality. In that conversation appears the idea of convert TBO in some more specific, a simple tool to make wireframes, simple comics, and other graphs that requires simple clip manipulation using an specific clip library.

Currently you can do that with tbo, even with inkscape, but the objective is to make an application to do this things in a easy and fun way.

So the new TBO will be more specific, but extensible. A library should be a directory with a configuration file and all usable clips, and at startup you can choose which type of document you want to create.

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I think several default libraries to include in new version:

  • linux hispano comic strip
  • Gtk+ wireframe
  • Web wireframe
  • Sport training
  • network graph
  • Android app
  • IPhone app
  • ...

The list of designs you can do with simple clip drag & drop is inmense, so define a new library and add it to TBO should be as easy as possible.

Then, the main use of TBO will be practically the same, objects (clips), maybe categorized, pages, and simple object manipulation like move, scale, rotate, flip, etc.


For drawing and object manipulation I will use GooCanvas instead of doing all direct to cairo like actually TBO does.